Welcome to bilingualchildcorner, the corner of the bilingual educational materials for your children

Hello everybody!

Yeah! Our online shop is already open. Be welcome to this cosy corner.  We love you are here. This is the news corner of our online shop “mybilingualchildcorner”. Here, we will be telling you things of interest about our products and also about home bilingual upbringing.

The big moment is finally here after months of hard work. It seemed like this day was never going to come but here we were!

We have to confess that we feel fulfilled today. Have you ever felt free? That is the way we feel today: we are excited and looking forward to flying away. There is nothing better in life than doing what one feels to do. We are a determined family and our life is full of colours. We also wish yours is like ours.

You are in a place where you can breath love, family union and we bet for the best education for our children. Make the diffference and let your children learn more than one language thanks to our educational and beautiful materials.

Let’s get started!

A big hug,

María and Raúl 

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