We are María and Raúl, a couple of parents who are immersed in the amazing adventure of bilingual upbringing at home. We would define ourselves as dreamers, entrepreneurs and also as very creative people. We need to admit that becoming parents marked a new beginning in our lives. This fact together with the decision of raising our child bilingually is making us live the best moment of our lives. This experience has made us start off our own brand of bilingual products for all children and their families.

We are convinced that your children are your beloved treasures and it is for sure that you will give them all the best. Handing them in a good education and putting them the learning of languages at ease will open the door to their personal and professional career.

We believe that our son as well as yours must have at their disposal quality learning materials that are catchy at a glance and that at the time of touching them you may instantly feel the love, commitment and the caress implied from the very moment of their creation until you receive them in your home. All the materials you can purchase have a didactic approach and they have been created having children and their families in mind. Our experience raising bilingually together with our teaching experience and our love for languages and cultures made possible the creation of this shopping site.


We are looking forward to reaching you and every single family in the entire world who needs bilingual high quality materials for their children. We definitely bet for the quality work, and our main commitment is to make your learning easy and fun. We hope that you can feel at home the time you spend in mybilingualchildcorner and we will be willing to help you in whatever you need concerning our learning materials and the learning programmes, workshops and courses we offer.

We definitely know that if you are here that is because you have felt the need to purchase our learning materials. No doubt you were looking for them and we assure you that you will be glad to have found them in the fantastic world of online sale.

Be welcome every time you pay us a visit! We will be delighted to have you here!

One big hug, María y Raúl.

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