My Bilingual Child Corner in accordance with the Law 34/2002, of 11th July, for the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, details below the aspects concerned with the legal information about the website of the shop online.


This site has been created to introduce and permit access to the public to the information related to products offered by


This website offers information about the products and services commercialized by My Bilingual Child Corner being these ones, in any case, subject to the full terms and conditions expressly detailed at each moment and accessible from this website, as well as the particular services together with its prices which will be also subject to the various general conditions of use of each of the services provided by the online shop


The access to this website and the use made of the information and contents included in it will be of exclusive responsability of the user.

The conditions of access and use of the present website are ruled definitely by the current legality and the principles of good faith and legitimate use of it on the part of the user, being forbidden with general character any type of action to the detriment of the online shop or to third.  

It is prohibited the use of the present website for legal purposes or not authorized, and in particular it is not limited to:

  • Any violation of the rights of third parties
  • To include or to introduce any defective type of computer science virus archives or any other software or computer science program that may cause damage or not authorized alterations to the contents or system of any sort, accesible through this website.
  • Undue or improper use in regards to normal operation and purpose of all services, if any, that may be included in the website of the online shop


The website does not assume responsability under any circumtances for any sort of damage which users may cause to the present website, or any other, as a result of illegal or improper use of it or of the content and accessible information or provided by it.

 SERVICE reserves the right to suspend the access to the website without prior notice, discretionary and temporary, due to technical reasons or due to any other reasons, being able to modify, unilaterally, not only the access conditions but also all or part of the website contents.

The online shop does not take responsability from the integrity and veracity of the content of the links to the webs to which one could access from his page, not of those contents that have not been supervised by the online shop


In the event that through this portal a commercial activity is carried on, this one will consist on the reception and dispatch of the requests concerning the products and services presented. In any case, commercial transactions that occur  will be subjected to the existing legal provisions and in particular to the ones established in the Law 7/1996 of 15th of January  on Retail Trade regarding distance sales as well as the legislation with regard to the General Contracting Conditions. For the alleged request of any of the services offered in this case by the online shop My Bilingual Child Corner, the customer will have to accept the General Conditions of those services provision relating to each specific modality which remain at the disposal of the customer through the website


The site and contents in this website are protected by the current law  on the subject of intelectual property. It is expressly forbidden to copy, modify, reproduce, download, broadcast, distribute or the generation of derivative works from the contents of the page without previous express  authorization  by the owner of the corresponding rights or it is legally permitted.

The access to the page does not assume the adquisition by the users of the property right over the contents appeared in it.

 RIGHTS RESERVED may, when appropiate, make corrections, improvements or modifitication to the structure, web design as well as any other information contained in the Website, modify or eliminate products, the access conditions or even the use conditions on a unilateral basis and without prior notice without giving anybody right to claim or indemnity. This does not even imply recognition of any responsability. 

My Bilingual Child Corner reserves the right to interrupt, suspend or terminate provision of the website service or any of the constituent services included therein.

 EXCLUSION OF GUARANTEES AND RESPONSABILITY does not provide any guarantee nor shall it be responsible for any damage of any kind or nature that could be caused by:

  • The lack of product availability and technical continuity of this Website.
  • The existence of viruses, malicious or harmful programmes in the contents.
  • The lack of utility, adequacy or validity of the Website, services and contents with the aim of responding to the needs, activities and expectations of the users.
  • The neglecftul or illicit usage of the website in general that do not respect the rules defined in the present legal notice, the good faith and public order.
  • Errors: With reference to the existence of errors or inaccuracies in the Website, will amend them as soon as possible and as soon as we have notice of them.


The Website may include links to other websites and contents that are placed outside These links are owned by third parties.

My Bilingual Child Corner uses those links with the aim of providing the user with more information. Due to the fact that they are completely external to, it does not take responsability under any circumstances of the mentioned websites, of their contents or of the consequences their access can cause to the user. 

Likewise, only authorizes third people who are interested in establish links from their websites provided that they fulfil the established obligations in the present legal notice. 

The link should make possible that the website is displayed in full within the screen of the browser without having the contents show through frames. reserves the right to require the third parties to withdraw immediately any links to the Web Page when necessary. 

The establishment of a link does not necessarily involve the existence of relations between the third party being the one including it and, nor the knowledge or acceptation on the part of My Bilingual Child Corner of the services and contents offered in that Web Page. does not assume any sort of responsability for the damages that could be derived from the access, maintenance, use, quality, lawfulness, contents, informaton, communication, opinions, products, etc..offered on the websites that are not managed by


This Website will use social networkts and online communities that will be used as medium of communication and promotion of the products and services of The social networks and online communities used are the following: Facebook, Instagram and Youtube without prejudice that others may be used in the future. The specific aims behind the use of those media of communication are the media support and dissemination of the services of

With regards to the information about contents of the social networks, does not take responsability in any case of the truthfulness, accuracy, suitability, and updating of the information provided through them. 

The contents established in the social networks are merely informative.  does not take responsability for the decisions made by  the user in relation to those contents set out nor of the harm or prejudice caused to the user or third parties regarding this information. will strive to enhance the quality of the information by means of the fulfilment of errors on the data received as well as on the management of the websites. It will make possible that third users can report complaints about offensive or unsuitable messages having nothing to do with the subjects covered, published photos or videos that are likewise not related to the topics to which the previous social networks and communities are put.

In these cases, as the network administrator will have the power to delete all the information that does not correspond to the quality, objective and good, informative and ludic service of the social networks. Nonetheless, despite the intention to strive for the highest quality of contents, My Bilingual Child Corner will not take responsability for the information concerned. 

It is informed that the access to the social networks and communities, of which the website makes use for the aims previously mentioned, requires the service/ provision on the part of other services provider of the information society. can not take responsability at any moment of the reliability, quality, continuity and functioning of them. Therefore, My Bilingual Child Corner can not stop its suspense, cancellation or inaccessibility due to causes beyond will not take responsability on the harm or prejudice that the user may suffer for causes that may result from failures or disconnections in the social networks, and that may cause loss of information, cancellations or interruptions of the service during the provision of it or with previous character. 

Social networks and communities can permit the access to links and other websites. In compliance with the Law 34/2022, of 11th July, of services of the information sociery and electronic commerce, My Bilingual Child Corner acts as an intermediation services provider and will be responsible for the contents and services provided in the linked sites as far as My Bilingual Child Corner is effectively aware of any illegality without deactivating the link with all due diligence. If the user considers that some of the linked sites includes illegal or inappropiate content, he/she will be able to inform via the email provided at the beginning of this legal notice and will proceed diligently to remove links. does not take responsibility under any circumstances for the contents and services provided in the linked sites and therefore is not liable for damage caused by the unlawfulness, quality, unavailability, error or uselessness.


For any legal  or question that incumbent upon the Webpage of the online shop, the Spanish legislation will be applied for  the resolution of any conflict resulting from or related to the use of this Webpage, the Courts and Tribunals of Spain.  

The general information data of the Website are detailed as follows:

Raúl Torres Polo

ID Number: 02666383Q


Social Activity: Sale of educational products and bilingual training.

The access to the Website of the shop online indicates your agreement and acceptance of these terms.

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