Weekly motivational schedule for potty training 


Is your child getting started with potty training? We desire that this stage is manageable both for you and your child. This calendar will motivate him/her to pay a visit to his/her potty. Soon, you will see results. When you least expect it, your child will have forgotten his/her dear nappy. If you making crafts with your little one, this option is for you.

*English version

* Size: A4

* It contains 49 small cards (potty, toilet, wee,poo, hand, sun and moon).

* Laminate and add velcros.

How will children use each card? 

Wee: When they do wee or ask for it.

Poo: When they do poo or ask for it. 

Hand: When they wash their hands.

Potty: When they ask to go potty.

Toilet: When they ask to go toilet.

Sun: When they are able to control the wee/poo during the day. 

Moon: When they wake up having their night nappy dry. 


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