Magnetized Bilingual English-Spanish...
Magnetized Bilingual English-Spanish...

Magnetized Bilingual English-Spanish Calendar

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Magnetized bilingual English-Spanish Calendar for your children


Would you like your child to give you  a hand at home and be responsable? All you need to have is this colourful and beautiful magnetized calendar. Imagine your child naming and writing the tasks in English and Spanish just the way a real bilingual child does. This calendar is multitasking. Through it, children learn the sense of responsibility and monitor their emotions. They can also work on the psyco motor skills by using the marker and they also learn words in English and in Spanish. The pictures will contribute to the visual memorisation of the words. 

* The magnetized calendar,  the marker and the magnets of tasks and rewards are included.

* The colour might vary slightly to what you see on screen.

Product Details

Paper Type
magnetized print
29,7x52 cm
Recommended age
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